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I would like to express my EXTREEME GRATITUDE to allllll of my clients this year.  You have made 2017 my best year ever, not only from a business standpoint, but from a creative standpoint as well.  We’ve hiked through rain storms together, you’ve allowed me sit on the floor of your bedroom and document your family honestly.  You have invited me to witness and document the moment you said “I do” to the love of your life.  You’ve honored me by letting me into your birth space to document your child being born.  I know that it takes trust in not only my ability as a photographer and artist, but as a human, to be present for these moments, and I am humbled to have been there.

I was so fortunate to document your lives this year.  Along with all of that love, I also documented my own growing family.  This year we welcomed our much loved Bess to our family….we waited for her for 5 years, and I still cannot believe she is here, finally.  My family and I moved to a new home, my mother in law from Kosovo came to stay with us for a few months, and our brilliant Dora learned how to read like a BOSS.  These are a few of my favorite photos of my own much loved family from this 2017….

……..this is my heart, in pixels.

Which one is your favorite?

Portrait of a girl with netting over her face, by window light. Family photographer

A little girl jumping in the mud on a rainy foggy day. Family photographer

My mother in law flew in from Kosovo to stay with us for two months…one before Bess was born and one after.  She makes, literally, the worlds best baklava.  For real.

A smiling woman standing in a bright kitchen with a cat looking back at her. Family photographer

Strauss the GSD joined our family just before Christmas 2016….here he is in all of his fluffy puppy glory.

A young German Shepherd puppy stands on the beach at sunset. Family photographer

This year, we lost our much loved Kristopher the kitty.  He had been with me for 15 years.  He is so very very very much missed.

A cat sits on a stool in a bight kitchen. Family photographer

*Apparently* this was the “worst dinner ever”.

A girl sits at a table with a grumpy look on her face over her unliked dinner. Family photographer

Self portrait.

Silhouette of a pregnant woman on a wall. Family photographer

Smuggling watermelons!

A pregnant woman stands facing her husband who has a watermelon under his shirt in mock pregnancy in a bright kitchen. Family photographer

Sequin reflections and floppy puppy ears.

A young girl with a sequin skirt on stands in a bright room with a German Shepherd puppy with floppy ears. Family photographer

This was a particularly difficult day for us…..  We had begun the process of obtaining US citizenship for him seven years ago.  And finally, after doing everything required and waiting the necessary years (and paying alllll the necessary fees) his citizenship test date arrived.  We left two hours early for the 4 hour drive to the testing location in central NC, plenty of time to get lost if that was our fate, or plenty of time to take some deep breaths before his test.  We were on our way when disaster struck:  our car broke down.  In the middle of nowhere.  No cellphone reception to call for a tow truck or rental car.  And even if there had been reception for us to call immigration to tell them what had gone wrong, we couldn’t have as there is literally not a number to call for this.  And so, his testing time came and went…..we missed it.  There was absolutely no promise of having them believe us and allow for a reschedule.  When we finally got home, defeated and seriously worried about the future of our family, I caught this photo of Rajan as he washed the dishes in painful silence.

Update below:

A man stands at the sink in front of a window washing dishes. Family photographer

I’ll let you know though…..they did believe us.  Rajan wrote them a letter, and included our tow truck bill (over $900, wow).  He passed his test…..our family is safe.

A girl stands in a camilla bush with pollen on her face and flowers around her. Family photographer

A man and girl laugh together in the sunset. Family photographer

Bess came at last!  In the wee hours of the morning, at home, 10lbs 2oz.  Sometimes a photo’s worth isn’t in the beautiful light….this one is in the fact that this little girl was born to us after 5 years of trying to conceive.

A newborn baby is measured just after birth. Family photographer

The morning she was born.  Sometimes the best camera is the one available to you…..I took this one on my old iPhone 5.  However, I don’t even care….I still totally printed it for our family album.

A sleeping newborn baby. Family photographer

An exhausted father, a slumbering newborn.

A sleeping newborn baby next to her sleeping father. Family photographer

Bess, 6 days old.

Black and white portrait of a newborn baby sleeping on a white sheet. Family photographer

Hooray for being booooorn!

A baby laying surrounded by folded laundry. Family photographer

My girls, my heart outside of my body.

Black and white photo of a girl and her newborn baby sister. Family photographer

The first photo of me with both of them….and in our new home no less.  I treasure this image.

A smiling woman holding her older daughter and her newborn. Family photographer

His ears did eventually find their proper positions.

German Shepherd GSD. Family photographer

Summa summa summa tiiiiime.

Two girls swinging on a swing hung from a large oak tree in the summer. Family photographer

Surprised baby with wild hair looking into the camera. Family photographer

In the frame, out of focus.  But it’s the love that counts.

A woman dancing holding her baby close. Family photographer

A girl swinging on a swing hung from an oak tree in a rainstorm. Family photographer

A girl jumping and dancing in the rain. Family photographer

A joyful girl looks up to the sky in a rainstorm. Family photographer

When you don’t have a pool in a southern summer, you improvise.

Bess and I were in SC for the Fearless Photographers conference, and we were soooo lucky to stay in this absolutely delightful tiny house.  Find the Air BnB listing here.

Rajan worked with her the evening before, teaching her the ins and outs of riding a bike without training wheels.  The next day, I look our our living room window, and there she is doing circles…..on just two wheels.  All on her own.

One night our power went off, and so we made an evening of it.  We loved it so much that when the power came back on hours later, we turned it off at the breakers.

Dora took this photo of Rajan and me.

Do not adjust your screen.  I like it that way.

Apparently, this is what 7 looks like.

Alicia Juniku Photography is available for family, newborn, and maternity sessions, as well as

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26 thoughts on “My Own Family, 2017 | Blog | Alicia Juniku – NC Photographer

  1. I love the one of your oldest daughter in the rain on the swing…absolutely breathtaking and so pure and innocent! You are amazing!

  2. Oh so hard to choose..your sweet girl just rocks it out! I still love the one of her in the rain just a grinning 🙂 love your work!

  3. These are all so amazing Alicia. Impossible to choose just one. Dora enjoying the rain with her arms wrapped around herself…absolutely amazing. Breathtaking. You can feel the joy she is experiencing and you, yourself feel like a kid again. ❤️

  4. It sounds so cliche to say that it’s hard to choose, but it’s so true! I have to say that the ones of your oldest daughter in the rain or the one of your husband and girls by the candlelight are my favorites. You have so much talent! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us!

  5. I love them all. But I am a big fan of the photographer being in front of their own lens. My favorite is the photo with you and your family on the bed. The look on Dora’s face says it all. Love!

  6. Wow! What amazing memories to have! You have a beautiful family and a beautiful heart. I love them all but as a mom of two little girls I would have to say my favorite is the one of the three of you on the bed. That one really speaks to my heart as I know moms don’t get in front of the camera often enough. That is a wonderful moment and photo of you three girls.

  7. I really love them all for different reasons. My favorites are :
    1.Dora on the tubaware pool.
    2. you and your husband taken by Dora
    3. Behind the Laundry sheet
    4.Family bed
    5. Swinging in the
    6 . You in the doorway
    Beautiful family, Dora holds a lot of beauty in her eyes.

  8. Do I have to pick one?!
    I love the one with Dora in her orange sweater and the sun is setting behind her. She is so lucky to have you as her mama, taking pictures of her in such a phenomenal way as she grows! Bess is just the cutest baby and so, every one of those are in a tie!
    I love every single photo!!!!!

  9. I love the one with hubs and the girls with candle light because it’s the little things and family 🙂 But for real a book of adventures of Dora and Bess being kids and adventures without technology would be the best! The simplicity and lighting is just awesome, plus I like seeing kids with something besides a screen! But also towards the end how did Dora get so mature… is this in my very near future with Mikayla because I just can’t.

  10. The picture your daughter took of you and your husband. It is amazing how much our children learn from us. They learn to talk, walk, learn and most importantly love. Through her lens I see the love you and your husband have for each other and the way she see you. Your work is absolutely stunning.

  11. All breathtaking photos but I love the one of dora looking down at Bess. There’s nothing like sibling love! Our daughter waited 8 years before we were finally able to give her a sibling and she is so smitten with him 🙂

  12. You & the girls. They are all such beautiful images, but this photo brought tears to my eyes. Those babies are fiercely loved.

  13. Of course they’re all beautiful but I especially love the closeup of Dora in the hammock…followed closely by the one of her behind the laundry drying on the line. And who couldn’t love Bess with all that hair!

  14. I love them all, but the one your daughter took of you and your husband I think is my favorite. It’s wonderful how she can see the love between you two.

  15. Miss Dora. In the rain. Wrists crossed.
    Pure freedom. Just loving life.
    You can almost feel her big exhale as she feels the rain on her face.
    Love that, not so little anymore, human. ♡

  16. So hard to choose, but for both story and picture, I pick the one of Rajan washing dishes. I love them all, but that’s when I started crying. Such a big year for you all!

  17. I love all the images you catch of your girls.. but the best to me is the one of your hubby washing the dishes. No one takes photos of the hard times, because we usually don’t want to remember them. But that photo very perfectly conveys the disappointment and heartbreak he must’ve been feeling after working so hard and coming so very close. It’s just so real. I feel his emotion there. Wonderful shot.

    PS- glad to hear the outcome was GOOD!

  18. So beautiful. Love seeing your family grow and Dora growing up. Stunning. Colors, textures and lighting.

    Absolutely love Dora in her pool. But I can’t choose between the two.

    But also I could never choose. There really isn’t one that doesn’t speak to me. I want to write, “Oh I LOVE the way you captured…” on every one.

  19. Alicia, these are all just gorgeous. But after welcoming our second babe into the world a week and a half ago, I have to say the B&W photo of your girls looking at each other makes my heart swell! Witnessing the love between siblings is one of my most treasured gifts of our second born. 🙂 Much love to you and your beautiful family in 2018!!

  20. I love the photos you capture of water suspended in air…all the rain shots. But I LOVED the one with your daughter playing in the improvised pool with the water splashing! Happy 2018!!

  21. Top favorite – smuggling watermelons
    2 tied for 2nd/3rd – rajan washing dishes, dora with the pink flower behind her ear

  22. I just finished looking over these for the 5th time probably. Read every single word, in short bursts of time in between this and that. I had the tab saved and open so that when I had a moment to take it in, I did. Loved this. Loved the descriptions in between the photos. You were talking to me. We hung out for a couple weeks and you were showing me the images. I know them now. Thank you for sharing your family with me. With us all.
    PS: What kind of flooring is that in your kitchen? and is it hard or easy to clean? It is very cool.

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