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You know that I’m a Wilmington, North Carolina Wedding Photographer, but did you know that I’m also something of a minimalist?  I not only love empty, negative space in my home, but in my images as well.  Sometimes I just feel like an image needs more space…and photoshop is my buddy when I feel like this.  But you know, I’m not sure about this one.  Below I’ve included three versions of the same image…..one with cathedral negative space, one with landscape negative space.  Aaaaand the last version is *completely* unedited.  That’s right folks, I’m sharing an image straight out of the camera…prepare yourselves.  Also, you will notice that the unedited version is crooked….apparently I am incapable of taking a level photo.  Clearly there’s something wrong with me.  But I digress, stop reading and see what I mean:

Oh the glorious vertical negative space!

Just married newlyweds embracing each other in beautiful light

Oooooor more understated landscape negative space.

Just married newlyweds embracing each other in beautiful light

And also, just because I love you, and because I think you *might* find it interesting….here is the unedited RAW image.  No tweaking, no editing….just my inability to take a straight photo in all its crooked glory.

Just married newlyweds embracing each other in beautiful light

Yes, I realize that I have a knack for converting gorgeous red heads to black and white.  It’s a character flaw, and I’m working on it.

But seriously though, I’m genuinely interested in your opinion.  Do you prefer the image with the vertical negative space, or the more cropped landscape negative space?  Oooooor, option C:  “These are crappy.  Work on the original image, keep it in color….and for goodness sake straighten it out!”  What say you?  *****Comment below and let me know your thoughts!*****

Ooooor you can call/text me at 910.228.2457 and we can grab coffee (and cupcakes) together and you can tell me how to do better.

Oh, and also!  Did I mention I had a baby a few months ago?  Want to see some of my family photos?  My ultimate joy, here.

7 thoughts on “Oh dear! An unedited image! Also, I need your advice | Blog | Alicia Juniku, Wilmington, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

  1. I too am incapable of taking a level photo. I try and be conscious of it but thankfully Lightroom/Photoshop is my friend. I personally love the first shot with the empty space. It gives a wonderful feeling of being the only two people on earth. I love the edit and the feel of the shot. Great work, as usual.

  2. I agree with Brian thoughts on the first photo. They are just for each other, and nothing else matters or detracts from that. ❤

  3. My curiosity got the best of me and as I clicked and scrolled each individual image, I wondered which was the original independently. I got to the last photo and knew that it was the original. Then, I reflected on them all together, scrolling up and down and trying to decide what I liked or didn’t like about them. I like my own critiques to be honest, so that is what I will give you.

    I love them all for what they are. My favorite of the two edits is the second one but only because the light seems a bit stronger. I couldn’t tell much else was different. I agree with the comment before mine that it does give the feeling that they are the only people in the world. That’s a nice feeling when you are actually being in an awkward moment like the bride and groom of a wedding with an audience.

    However, I love the original photo most, although her red hair is gorgeous, it is because the background is actually there. It creates a sense of place and sensory for the couple who wants to remember this moment. I feel like taking it away, while it may emphsize aloneness/togetherness, a wedding is sharing that with the world around them. They picked a place to be and who to be with to share it and taking it out is like taking away a tiny part of the memory.

    If you are going for a album type portrait, go for the first two. If you are going for a wall portrait and framed photo, I would choose the original. Perhaps slightly blurring or burning the edges a bit would still allow the background to be there but in a more subtle way.

    Just my thoughts 🙂

  4. The vertical negative space in the first image is the best shot. Since they are standing, vertical, this flows well. Iike the black and white shot vs. color as well. Black and white makes it very personal and gives the picture a timeless romantic feeling. I don’t worry to much about being level, sometimes the shot might look better a little off and that’s why there’s photoshop. The lighting looks great as well. Nice work.

  5. I like the verticals negative space, but perhaps hat would it look like if they were in full color in that black space?

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