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These last three months or so have been a whirl-wind for my family and I.  I gave birth to our much-loved Bess, we moved to a new home, we have been working on said new home all-the-while doing renovations on our old home to prepare it for renting out, our 6.5 year old Dora started 1st grade, fall term at the university has begun for my husband, and my work as a Family Photographer is blissfully back in full-swing since the end of my maternity leave.  Yet, in all of this hubbubaloo and shenanigans, I am lucky enough to still have inspiration pulling at my fingers leading me towards beauty.

These are some of my favorite images of my family from the last three months, and I’d like to share them with you.

One of the things that promoted us to move to a new home is outdoor space.  Our downtown house was delightful for so many reasons, but it was such a small lot.  Here, we have so so so much space for us all to enjoy.  A few days after we moved in, this epic rain storm came through and Dora and I couldn’t help ourselves to go out and play while Bess napped inside.

Well hello there!

No pool, no problem!

Can you tell she’s growing her bangs out? Also, when did my 6.5 year old become a teenager?!?!

Her very first time riding her bike, all on her own, without training wheels.

Dora took this photo of my husband and me.  The look on my face is one part “Oh I’m so proud of her!” and “Pleeeeeease don’t drop my camera!”

She’s so buff, and she doesn’t even have to work at it.  It’s just a lifestyle for her.

Me: Dora, what do you call an alligator in a vest?
Dora: What?

We only go to the beach when it’s cloudy or raining.  It’s tough to be an Oregonian living in North Carolina! hahaha

Bess, 6 days new.

Dora the (moody) explorer.

These days, every day is laundry day.

Hooray for being booooorn!

My daughters…..the two halves of my heart outside of my body.

Her first time to the beach.

Dora lost her first tooth!

“Go ahead and call me ‘cute’ one. more TIME.”

In the past I’ve shared one blog post each year with my favorite personal family photos from the year, but I think I’ll do it a bit more often now.  Often the photos closest to my heart are those of my own much-loved little family.

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  1. Hi this is Pete’s mom. What beautiful pictures of your family! Dora’s so precious and the new addition too delicious for words. Take care.

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